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特別駐車場のご案内 Information for
parking lot

This page is for customers holding parking tickets.
If your tournament ticket does not come with a parking pass, please use public transport.
* Please note that there will be no free parking at this tournament.

Chiba Prefecture, Inzai City,
Hara 1-2,
zip code 270-1327
(6: 00-18: 00)

Approximately 26km from Ushikuami IC (45 minutes by car)
Jyoban Motorway:
Approximately 29km from Kashiwa IC (50 minutes by car)
East Kanto Expressway:
Approximately 18km from Chiba North IC (35 minutes by car)

・ Those who have purchased a tournament ticket including parking can park their cars on site.
・ Please bring your parking pass with you to the tournament. If not, you will not be able to park your car on site.
・ There is a shuttle bus from the parking lot to the venue. (6: 00-17: 00) ・ Traveling time to the venue is approximately 15 minutes. ・ Fellow passengers who do not have a parking ticket can also use the shuttle bus. ・ Please note that the operating conditions might change. ・ In the case of rain, the tee time might change. Please check the official website. ・ Please follow the staff's instructions when parking. ・ We are not responsible for any accidents or theft that take place in the
parking lots. Please take your valuables with you.
・ This ticket cannot be used by anyone other than the person himself
(lending to a third party is strictly prohibited).
・ Parking tickets with a fixed date cannot be used on other dates. ・ Please contact Lawson Tickets for inquiries regarding parking.
Lawson Tickets : 0570-000-732 (10:00~20:00)