【ZOZOCHAMPIONSHIP】Regarding Ticket Refunds for October 25th and 26th

As you may know, we are terribly sorry for cancelling the tournament for Oct. 25th and 26th due to heavy rain and severe weather conditions.
We have updated our refund policy and details on our official website, so please refer to the content below.

■Refundable tickets
【October 25th】
・1-Day Ticket
・1-Day Ticket+Parking ticket

【October 26th】
・1-Day Ticket
・1-Day Ticket+Parking ticket

■Refund details
・Handling Fee Charge

■Refund term
2019.Nov.1 fri 10:00am~2019.Nov.29 fri 11:59pm

■How to be refunded
For those who purchased tickets at Lawsons/MiniStop,
Please return to the store where you originally purchased your ticket.

For those who received tickets in the mail, please visit a nearby Lawsons or MiniStop.
In order to receive a refund, please bring the actual ticket and handling fee receipts. If not, we cannot refund you.

For those who have purchased tickets from Lawsons Ticket website using a credit card and have not yet issued the tickets at a nearby Lawsons / MiniStop, we are sorry to cause any inconveniences but as a first step for your refund, please issue your tickets at a nearby Lawsons / Ministop and then receive a refund in cash at the cashier.

For those who purchased tickets from WILL CALL, we will refund to the credit card which you purchased the ticket.

In addition, regarding cancellation of credit card charges, this may require time until the actual deposit is made.
Therefore, there is a chance that the cancellation will not happen in time by the deposit.
In this case, please note that we will refund you in the following month.

If you have any questions regarding refunds, please contact us below.

【Lawson Ticket】
TEL:0570-000-732 (10:00am~8:00pm)

We are sincerely sorry for causing any inconveniences.
We appreciate your patience.