①Notice regarding permitted days and corresponding tickets
Tickets are only valid on the day that is presented on the ticket.
Therefore, only spectators with the tickets below may enter.

【Tickets allowed entry on 10/27】
・VIP Loung Ticket
・Front Row Ticket
・4-Day + Practice Ticket
・4-Day Ticket
・4-Day Ticket + Parking
・1-Day Ticket (10/27)
・1-Day Ticket + Parking (10/27)

※The tickets below will not be allowed entry on 10/27
・1-Day Ticket (10/25), 1-Day Ticket + Parking (10/25)
・1-Day Ticket (10/26), 1-Day Ticket + Parking (10/26)

②Regarding Refund of Tickets
Spectators with the following tickets are subject to refund.
・1-Day Ticket (10/25)、1-Day Ticket + Parking (10/25)
・1-Day Ticket (10/26)、1-Day Ticket + Parking (10/26)

The details for refund will be posted on this website on 10/30 (Wed).
In the case of suspended play, tickets presented above will not be valid for other days or for refund.