• 70 PAR
  • 18 HOLE
  • 7,079 YARDS
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  • 4 PAR
  • 405 YARDS

Gentle left dogleg featuring a narrow fairway that requires an accurate tee shot. Players will aim to hit their drives up the right side of the fairway leaving a reasonable approach to the green which slopes from back to front.

Hole 1 Hole 1 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 363 YARDS

Relatively straightforward tee shot required. The hole is lined with pine trees on both sides of the fairway giving it a traditional Japanese style look. The green is the smallest of the 18 holes at just 360㎡ .

Hole 2 Hole 2 Distance


  • 3 PAR
  • 180 YARDS

With a deep bunker guarding the front of the green, accurate shots are required.

Hole 3 Hole 3 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 505 YARDS

The hole is bordered by a pond running along the entire left side of the fairway that feeds into a second pond guarding the front of the green. A great hole to take in the dynamic drives of the players while also enjoying scenic views of the picturesque pond in the background.

Hole 4 Hole 4 Distance


  • 3 PAR
  • LEFT
    205 YARDS
    202 YARDS

Both greens will be put into play for this year's tournament, increasing the holes difficulty by allowing a number of different and demanding pin position options.

Hole 5 Hole 5 Distance Hole 5 Distance


  • 5 PAR
  • 587 YARDS

Tee shots will require a carry over a large water hazard. Distance and direction are key to scoring low on this hole.

Hole 6 Hole 6 Distance


  • 3 PAR
  • 167 YARDS

Good hole to try and grab a birdie on.

Hole 7 Hole 7 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 395 YARDS

The aim is to take the ball up the right side of the fairway.

Hole 8 Hole 8 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 486 YARDS

After clearing the trees on the left, the hole opens up to a wide, elevated green sloping from back to front with a large bunker guarding the front of the green. Players will want to maximize distance by hitting their tee shots over the trees on the left.

Hole 9 Hole 9 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 400 YARDS

Ideal drive placement is between the pond and the front bunker. The elevated green makes if difficult to properly judge the distance of the second shot.

Hole 10 Hole 10 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 486 YARDS

Normally played as par 5, 11th is a middle length hole with a slight dogleg to the left. While the wide fairway makes for an enticing tee shot, the green is surrounded by multiple bunkers making the hole very challenging.

Hole 11 Hole 11 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 490 YARDS

Traditionally played as a par 5, the first 320 yards are all downhill from the tee box. A very challenging hole ending with a three-tiered, elevated green.

Hole 12 Hole 12 Distance


  • 3 PAR
  • 141 YARDS

Because of the sharp slopping green, staying beneath the hole is key to a good score.

Hole 13 Hole 13 Distance


  • 5 PAR
  • 608 YARDS

With a narrow uphill and downhill undulating fairway, each shot is important. With the steep slope of the green, it can be a very challenging hole.

Hole 14 Hole 14 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 425 YARDS

The aim off the tee is up the left side of the fairway. Spin control on the second shot to the steeply sloped green is required.

Hole 15 Hole 15 Distance


  • 3 PAR
  • 183 YARDS

The signature hole of Accordia Narashino CC. The green sits on a plateau and slopes heavily from right to left with the collar of the green cut to feed anything landing short or left to run directly into the water. Landing to the right or long and players may find themselves in one of three bunkers surrounding the green. Extremely accurate shots are required.

Hole 16 Hole 16 Distance


  • 4 PAR
  • 491 YARDS

With the fairway slightly inclined to the right, tee shots are best hit to the left side of center. Distance and shot accuracy are required, especially when approaching the severely undulating green.

Hole 17 Hole 17 Distance


  • 5 PAR
  • 562 YARDS

Off the tee to the front fairway bunker is 310 yards. If players keep their tee shot to the left, it's possible to go for the green in two, which is also well guarded by 3 large greenside bunkers.

Hole 18 Hole 18 Distance